About Governace Television

Governance Television GOVTV™, is an intelligent multiplatform channel that will broadcast from Abuja, Nigeria to the world. Governance Television, GOVTV™, is a definitive source of opinion, data and insight for a demanding viewership who expect high quality information, in-depth editorial and incisive opinion. The Channel is Africa’s first and only media platform that goes to the heart of all stratum of government, covering policy, governance; legislation, rule of law, civil society, diplomacy/international relations and the economy, Governance Television, GOVTV™, is with the view to help the citizenry, including elected, appointed and career officials and those holding governmental positions stay abreast of contemporary thinking and key political developments.    

Our Mission

The mission of this innovative, life-changing network is to provide intelligent programming that is informative, educational, inspiring, and empowering for its powerful audience. The specialised programming of Governance Television, GOVTV™, targets a dynamic, high-growth, loyal consumers that are marginalized to sound-bites by the mainstream media and grossly underserved by existing programming options.   

Our Vision

Governance Television GOVTV™ aims to become the premier news provider, utilising multiple platforms to reach leaders, as well as a younger generation that understands the importance of governance and economic information

The aim of Governance Television, GOVTV™ is to provide high quality governance specific programming and broadcasting across the international audience. Governance Television, GOVTV™ is aimed to become one of the world’s most trusted sources of informative and empowering content at the intersection of politics and business media. This novel channel will always exploit technology at the cutting edge of the digital revolution and so also use this to bring governance specific information to the widest audience possible  

The world is in dire need of value added information and platforms that will add to their personal life, relationship, career and also their ventures. One way that value can continually be created for and added to the African continent hence Nigeria is to create and organize a platform that informs people about development, whilst also providing the necessary outlet and further platform amongst other functions that a News channels will perform. 

Governance Television, GOVTV™ will hosts and air a number of special events, including thought leadership forums, retreats, conferences, expos, awards, lifestyle and music specials, the varied all-encompassing live experiences & events of Governance Television, GOVTV™ experiences & events are to promote innovators, job creators, and support wealth creation. The Channel’s strong relationships and strategic alliances will also offer opportunities for event integration and alignment with other like-minded brands for added exposure, reach, and potential brand partnerships.