About Us


Governance Television GOVTV™, is an intelligent multiplatform channel that will broadcast from Abuja, Nigeria to the world. Governance Television, GOVTV™, is a definitive source of opinion, data and insight for a demanding viewership who expect high quality information, in-depth editorial and incisive opinion. The Channel is Africa’s first and only media platform that goes to the heart of all stratum of government, covering policy, governance; legislation, rule of law, civil society, diplomacy/international relations and the economy, Governance Television, GOVTV™, is with the view to help the citizenry, including elected, appointed and career officials and those holding governmental positions stay abreast of contemporary thinking and key political developments.    

This top notch 24/7 multiplatform News Channel is the only broadcast system in Africa targeting high-level decision-makers across the Government and public sector. It will analyse leadership, legislation, current affairs, corporate practice and the process of government –it is an invaluable information source for all those who demand uncluttered, incisive information. Governance Television, GOVTV will offer the history, context, and deep research, viewers need to satisfy their curiosity and gain a more nuanced understanding of the forces shaping our world.

Global Potential

A key asset of Governance Television, GOVTV™, is its copyrighted name. It is not only catchy but also easy to remember and conveys the channel’s programming focus.


The mission of this innovative, life-changing network is to provide intelligent programming that is informative, educational, inspiring, and empowering for its powerful audience. The specialised programming of Governance Television, GOVTV™, targets a dynamic, high-growth, loyal consumers that are marginalized to sound-bites by the mainstream media and grossly underserved by existing programming options.   

Governance Television GOVTV™ will provide continuous insights into people, events, organisations and ideas that will impact the nation of Nigeria, the continent of Africa and the rest of the world.

Since Governance Television, GOVTV™ is indigenous to Africa, it will quickly become a primary reporter and source of news in the market place. It will inevitably impact and influence world opinion and policy makers.Governance Television GOVTV™ will strive to be “first to know, first to understand and first to report” with regard to Nigeria and Africa news,accurately and in context.

The editorial independence of Governance Television, GOVTV™ will encourage original reporting and will not be dictated by “political correctness” to colour or hide the facts or to inhibit fair and accurate reporting. Thus,Governance Television, GOVTV™ will become the trusted worldwide news source for Nigeria and Africa related news.

Governance Television GOVTV™ aims to become the premier news provider, utilising multiple platforms to reach leaders, as well as a younger generation that understands the importance of governance and economic information. The Governance Television, GOVTV and digital teams will have access to extensive leadership and economic content, analysis and market data, curating stories from across Africa for its platforms.


What is Governance Television, GOVTV?

The aim of Governance Television, GOVTV™ is to provide high quality governance specific programming and broadcasting across the international audience. Governance Television, GOVTV™ is aimed to become one of the world’s most trusted sources of informative and empowering content at the intersection of politics and business media. This novel channel will always exploit technology at the cutting edge of the digital revolution and so also use this to bring governance specific information to the widest audience possible  

Why Governance Channel

The world is in dire need of value added information and platforms that will add to their personal life, relationship, career and also their ventures. One way that value can continually be created for and added to the African continent hence Nigeria is to create and organize a platform that informs people about development, whilst also providing the necessary outlet and further platform amongst other functions that a News channels will perform. Also, because population is growing dimensionally at an alarming rate there has to be a way to capture these markets evolving and that are already in existence in such a way that more Jobs will be created, economy will be improved upon and lives empowered. Population will always increase hence there has to be a continual strategy to add values and improve the lives of people


Governance Television, GOVTV™ will be officially launched in Abuja Nigeria in October, 2021. An extra dimension will be added to the media by the largest ever convergence of Head of States, Global Leaders, Elites, Business and Media Fraternities. The launch shall be accompanied with dazzling performances from across the continent to reflect the diversity of the African Nations.

Dissatisfaction of the Target Market with Current Product Offerings

It seems that while the nations in Africa are becoming more diverse, broadcast television—in particular news television —is not. A majority of African people believes that traditional television focuses on negativity and perpetuates stereotypes.

A Powerful, High Growth Target Market

Governance Television, GOVTV™ is the only media house focused exclusively on regional news and information with a view to shape and sustain a peaceful, prosperous, just, and democratic Africa and foster conditions for stability and progress for the benefit of the African people and people everywhere. the target audience of Governance Television, GOVTV™ is, economically, the largest and wealthiest group in Africa today with more than one trillion in buying power.   

Experiences & Special Events

Governance Television, GOVTV™ will hosts and air a number of special events, including thought leadership forums, retreats, conferences, expos, awards, lifestyle and music specials, the varied all-encompassing live experiences & events of Governance Television, GOVTV™ can be from small, intimate gatherings with VIPs to larger one-of-a-kind leadership, government, bilateral or business events; Governance Television, GOVTV™ events & conferences will be developed to enable experts and free discussions with Governments, business people and entrepreneurs in the Africa   

Governance Television, GOVTV™ experiences & events are to promote innovators, job creators, and support wealth creation. The Channel’s strong relationships and strategic alliances will also offer opportunities for event integration and alignment with other like-minded brands for added exposure, reach, and potential brand partnerships.

Headquartered in Abuja with bureaus across select capitals of the region and around the world, Governance Television GOVTV™ is an independent media entity owned by GOVTV Networks! Limited,

The Company

GOVTV™ Networks! LTD is a global media company with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. The company was registered by Femi Eyitayo Esq., a veteran with over 25 years of executive management and entrepreneurial leadership in media and entertainment including extensive experience in cable television, distribution, marketing, production, financing and operations in Africa. Eyitayo leads a distinguished team of executives at GOVTV Networks! each possessing special expertise in the television sectors, including content development, production, marketing, promotion, advertising sales and sponsorships, corporate business development, broadcast operations, distribution and new media.

The development of operational model and programming concepts of Governance Television, GOVTV™ began several years earlier before now. The highly experienced team leader of GOVTV NETWORKS! LTD offers Governance Television, GOVTV™ a lifetime of experience and relationships in business, political and civil communities.       


  • GOVTV  24hrs News on Air, terrestrial, cable and satellite
  • GOVTV.LIVE 24hrs online, on mobile & on app
  • GOVERNANCE RADIO  24 hrs AM/FM radio broadcast
  • GOV MAGAZINE online and print magazine 

At Governance Television GOVTV™, we are looking for highly talented and celebrated individuals to join our elite array of professional and highly skilled teams.